Cannot sleep well at night?

Are you tired of this situation?

Do you wish there was a way to sleep better at nights?

Then you can stop wishing, because now you can defeat insomnia in a good and natural way. If you really want to take this monster down, then here you will find the tools for the job.

This is a frequent problem in our modern societies, and we are going to explain you why. Because it’s important for you to know what’s causing your problem, so you can get a holistic vision respect this issue.

We Were Not Evolved This Way:

We are getting too far away from what we were evolved into. We were not evolved to stare at screens till late at night, nor to sleep late. We are really messing up with our design, and this is going to cost us badly.

One of the main causes of this problem is that people spend way too much time staring at screens, even minutes before going to bed. This is a mortal mistake. If you really want to sleep well at nights, then you need to suspend this bad habit. You should ALWAYS turn off your TV and computer at least 30 minutes before going to sleep.

If you want to accomplish your mission, then this is a bad habit you need to overwrite. Instead of doing this, which is usually watching TV or browsing around in the internet before going to bed, you can go and read a book. This will give your eyes rest and make you more prone to sleeping without problems.

We need to avoid most of these damages that are being caused to us in this modern world. Your eyes are precious, and if you don’t care about them, then you will suffer the consequences and one of them is that you won’t be able to fall asleep.

On top of that, the real problem resides on this: if you look at screens till late at night, then your mind will still think it’s day, therefore, there’s no need to sleep. Your mind can get easily confused, therefore, you need to limit the chances of it.

You need to know when it’s time to turn it all off. You need to rest, and this time should be sacred. That’s why your room should ONLY be for sleeping. Take your TV and computer off, because this won’t do any good.

Meditate Before Sleeping:

And finally, you should meditate before going to sleep. If you really want to sleep at your best, then this is a wonderful practice. Because you will enter into a unique state of relaxation, which will make it easier for you to sleep.

You only have to do it for around 5 minutes to get the results you want. So make yourself a favor and go to meditate before going to sleep. This is going to help you vastly, just give it a try.