Rhinoplasty is often used as a surgery to improve the breathing function of a nose but often it is only a cosmetic surgery as it improves the look of the nose. Rhinoplasty is more commonly termed as a nose job and it is very popular among women as they care about their appearance greatly. It is not a dangerous and difficult procedure and is performed by every other plastic surgery clinic. We feel that when it comes to nose job San Antonio, the best clinic is New Day Plastic Surgery in San Antonio, Texas. The clinic has a record of numerous satisfied customers who got a nose job from there.

Nose Job by New Day Plastic Surgery
Nose job by the clinic known as New Day Plastic Surgery will improve the look of your nose and if you have a deviated septum then it will also get rid of that problem. The surgery is done by dealing with the cartilaginous tissues of the nose and no matter how disproportionate your nose is, it can be improved through a nose job.

Results of a Nose Job
When you get a nose job San Antonio, you will have a perfectly proportionate nose. Many people are not satisfied with the size and shape of their nose, feeling that it is too big or misshaped. For such people, a nose job is a perfect solution. The surgeon consults with the patient what size and shape of the nose the patient desires.

Procedure of a Nose Job
The procedure involves first giving an anesthesia. After which incisions are made on the appropriate places. The reshaping of the nose is started and the desired changes are made and finally the incisions are closed.