When it comes to ladies and their parties, there isno coming in between the two of these. However, I know a lot of women, my friends, my girlfriend and my sister, who have certain troubles when it comes to footwear. They simply cannot put on anything and go out. It has to be the right size, the perfect match and the true fit with their dress and with the night at hand. However, when it comes to heels and even some other shoes, comfort is a big issue. They can’t walk in those properly; climbing a flight of stairs can be as big a nightmare as hiking the great Mount Everest. This is just a fraction of the real problem at hand. What bothers their parents and their loved ones the most is the fact that heels can cause a lot of damage in the spinal cord.

Feet And Spine to The Rescue!
When helping out a friend of mine, one simple solution that I personally came across and approved of was Feet and Spine. In the Women’s Footwear section under FOOTWEAR & ORTHOTICS on Feet and Spine’s website, you can find a tremendous variety of affordable and durable orthopaedic women’s footwear. They have numerous brands and plenty of sizes available for the ladies.

For high heels, they have cushioning and supportive orthotic footbed. For dress shoes, they have stretch fabric available to keep your feet relaxed even when you’re walking. Even their high-cut boots have room for wide calves and a footbed designed ergonomically to keep your spine in order.

With Feet and Spine’s women’s footwear collection, you will find that it not only takes your mind off of adverse effects but also keeps you in style.